100% cast iron decorative Christmas Stocking Holders, Santa on sleigh with Deer 5 Hooks + Merry Christmas 2 hooks, solid great appearance (Combo Deal NDMC)

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Beautifully crafted design and detailed product made for the occasion. Ideal christmas decoration.Cast Iron Christmas Stocking holder with 5 Hooks (28 inches wide), Santa on decorated sleigh with 3 Deer, Strong, Heavy and sturdy, weight 10 lbs, perfect for a family.Optional: For more family members, you can add more stocking holders example Fairy, Bell, Merry Christmas or Tree etc. which have similar rustic paint and height.Hand made and hand painted colorful stocking holder to match your stockings and decor, will bring merriment to your home.Will make a memorable holiday Christmas gift, something which will be valued for years to come.Ideal to be kept on mantel or at reception area.